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What is a "Moonglade"?



the bright linear reflection of moonlight on a body of water.

  • exp. Moonglade Marketing is your solution to outdated or non-existent marketing materials

About Moonglade


Here at Moonglade, we aim to push your branding to new heights and make whatever your platform is now more fun, colorful, and relatable. We believe in kindness, communication, honesty, and hard work with no exceptions. Your company matters to us just as much as it matters to you.

HERE'S the goal

Make you happy

Never settle for mediocre work

Always be unique

Generate more traffic

About Becca

who owns this thing?

Hi, my name is Becca Abramson. So nice to meet you! I am the owner and designer behind Moonglade and I love what I do. I currently live just outside of Boston, MA with my husband, Phil, and our cats, Finn and Bug. I am a very hard worker and will not stop until the branding and marketing materials I create for you match your vision and expectations. You are my number one priority and so is your business. 


Need a service?
What a coincidence, we actually have some 

We know social media is tough to find time for. With all the other higher priorities you have to deal with in your business, it's hard to justify spending time on it. So let us spend our time  instead. 
More than 100 million hours of video are viewed on Facebook every day. 
35% of Instagram users open the app multiple times a day. 
There are more than 450 million LinkedIn users.
You might be missing out on all that exposure. Or, more likely, you're putting out the wrong information, essentially passing on endless potential clients! Make it stop! Don't worry. We got this.

Social Media Audit

Social Media Audit

Already have a brand but have a somewhat random project floating around? Moonglade is here for it. This service would include projects like (but not limited to) a brochure, flyer, poster, infographic, packaging, book cover, stationary, documents, etc. 

It's a great option if you often think to yourself, "we have a bunch of employees, but no one assigned to this" or "everyone has too much on their plate within our company to design this flyer but it would be so awesome to have as a value add for our customers!" 


We all have random but important projects and sometimes you just can't get to all of them alone. We get it and we're on it. 

Individual Projects

Individual Brand



Your logo is everything. Your logo is your corporate family crest. But does your logo reflect what you do or who you are? Logos are the one image people need to remember. Your logo tells your story. You're the author of that story, but we are the illustrators.

Logo Design

Logo Design

Designing your website can be a very overwhleming experience. However, Moonglade specializes in copywriting, design (duh), basic SEO and high level information organization. 

We will make your website simple for you to edit, simple for your users to navigate clearly, and, of course, beautiful. 

Let us take this one on for you. 

web Design

Web design

​Lets zoom way out. Your brand. What does it look like? What does it say about you? Does it look like it was ever a priority in development of your company? Often times businesses create brands that lack an element of consistency. They post all the time, they send out e-mails, they design a logo, and still, nothing. Visual quality and brand consistency is what results in memorability. We know your work is amazing, but the platform on which it is viewed isn't living up to it. But that's where we come in. Knock knock. Moonglade is here.

Brand Design

Brand Design

fvecdxsArtboard 1.png

We will design a fully custom set of slide decks with your brand as the theme to make your future presentations more professional and cohesive. 

A custom slide deck tells your audience a lot about you. It says that you have a high attention to detail and you care about your business's appearance to potential customers or partners. 

You cared enough to put a tie on this morning or make sure you didn't have coffee breath so take it one step further with a slide deck. 

Custom Slide Decks

Custom Slide Decks

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New Moon


Don't take my word for it, take theirs

"I hired Rebecca almost instantly once we spoke, as I saw the eagerness and determination to succeed within her. I have lead several Sales Teams, varying in size, and industries, but have yet to come across a skilled, yet disciplined worker such as Rebecca Biscotti."

Tinesha N. Sykes / Sales and Marketing Director

Not only did Moonglade provide me with wonderful creative services that exceeded expectations but the collaborative effort was very similar to what I learned over 40 years of experience and Ms. Biscotti did it naturally. Ms. Biscotti is mature beyond her years.

David Raymond / CEO of The Power of Fun!

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